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We strive to ameliorate the challenge, unburden you and help you reconnect with yourself.

In our modern world we all face challenges that sometimes leave us feeling drained, burdened and unsatisfied. These feelings can be overwhelming and at times we may even find it difficult to express the depths of what we are feeling. The demands of our rapidly lived lives can so easily make us lose touch with ourselves and that inner strength we all have. Here at Therapy Institute we help you to reconnect with yourself in a way that is challenging, meaningful and fulfilling. We provide excellent psychotherapy that is goal oriented in a non-judgmental space to help you reach your full potential. People can often be resistant to therapy because they mistakenly feel shame for struggling with a personal challenge. At Therapy Institute we strive to ameliorate the challenge and unburden you, so that when you leave you will be stepping back into the world a new person.


You are a prisoner to the pattern of your behavior, until you see it

R. Hogan

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