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Today’s teenagers are growing up in a whole new digital world different from that of their parents’ generation. While every generation of parents has to learn how to navigate their children’s first steps into adolescence and adulthood, the environment in which it is happening now is rapidly changing.

Parenting the Screenager: A Practical Guide for Parents of the Modern Child offers parents an accessible and down-to-earth manual on parenting strategies from one of Ireland’s leading psychotherapists. Richard Hogan’s background in education affords him the unique perspective of working with teenagers from both inside the classroom and clinically as director of Therapy Institute. In Parenting the Screenager he uses case studies from his vast experience and offers easy-to-follow, practical steps that help parents to build healthier and more positive patterns of communication within their family, covering topics such as:

  • Boundaries
  • Social media
  • Communication
  • Gaming
  • Online pornography
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Teenage anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Body image and steroid use
  • Sleep deprivation and exams
  • The modern family

Parenting the Screenager is a must-buy for any parent of a modern child. Technology has interrupted patterns of communication and how teenagers socialise; this has brought with it new challenges for parents. The strategies developed by Richard Hogan over his years working with teenagers are some of the most significant approaches to adolescent behaviour in recent times and will help any parent who wants to understand how to parent their teenager in a more productive way.


Richard Hogan is a systemically trained family psychotherapist registered with the Family Therapy Association of Ireland. He writes every Thursday for the Irish Examiner, where he explores mental health issues for teenagers, couples and families. Richard was shortlisted for a Fulbright scholarship and he is often invited onto shows such as The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates (Newstalk), The Today Show (RTE) and Weekend AM (Virgin Media) as an expert in the field of human behaviour, where he offers his expertise and strategies on how to overcome teenage mental health issues.


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