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Clinical Director Richard Hogan – Therapy Institute

Richard Hogan is a systemically trained Family Psychotherapist registered with The Family Therapy Association of Ireland. He writes every Thursday for the Irish Examiner where he explores mental health issues for teenagers, couples and families. He has been invited by Trinity College Dublin to undertake a PhD exploring how to introduce systemic theory into the Irish and American educational system. Richard was recently awarded a Fulbright scholarship for his research into promoting inclusion in Irish and American schools. He will be travelling to America in 2021 to carry out this research with Antioch University Seattle. Richard is also the author of the best-selling book, “Parenting the Screenager, a practical guide for parents of the modern child“. In this book Richard uses his vast experience working with teenagers in schools and as director of therapy institute to offer parents easy – to – follow, practical steps that build healthier and more positive patterns of communication. He utilises many fascinating case studies from his years of experience to help parents understand strategic approaches to their teenagers mental health issues. Richard’s approach incorporates a number of schools of thought. While his systems training helps him to understand a client’s rich context, he also believes very strongly that therapy should move towards a desired goal. He has worked with adolescents for over fifteen years and in that time he has noticed the increasing tendency to pathologise normal adolescent behaviour. Therefore, Richard strongly believes that we are developing a culture of over prescribing medication for normal range adolescent behaviour. His sessions with couples allows for every voice to be heard in a compassionate and empathetic space. Richard has written extensively about individual and couples therapy. He has a particularly progressive approach to building levels of communication in relationships. Richard is a regular contributor to both TV and Radio. He is often invited onto shows such as the Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates, Newstalk, The Today Show RTÉ and Ireland am Virgin Media as an expert in the field of human behaviour where he offers his expertise and strategies on how to over-come mental health issues. The strategies developed by Richard Hogan over his years working with teenagers are some of the most significant and progressive approaches to adolescent behaviour in recent times,

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