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Patrick Connolly is an experienced therapy practitioner and has completed over 300 hours of therapeutic family work. Patrick first trained in systemic psychotherapy with the Clanwilliam Institute in 1995. He returned to complete his training 2019 and will complete a Masters of Science in Systemic Psychotherapy in May 2022. Patrick is certified in workplace, commercial and family mediation. He is also a certified conflict coach and has worked as a mediator and conflict resolution specialist. He has over 200 hours of mediation practice with separating couples.

Prior to working in systemic family work Patrick worked with children and young people in a number of social care settings. Patrick has extensive knowledge and experience in managing organisational change; managing conflict in organisations; human resource management; managing uncertainty; and strategic management. He has been a CEO in the not-for-profit sector for 25 years. In May 2018 Patrick was appointed by President Michael D. Higgins as a Commissioner of the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission where he served until February 2020. In addition to his Social Care qualification Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management and a Masters in International Relations. And, as stated earlier, he is in the final year of a Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy.

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