Adolescent Mental Health


The director of Therapy Institute, Richard Hogan, is one of Ireland’s leading experts in progressive approaches to adolescent mental health. In his vast experience of working in schools for over 15 years he has noticed the increasing tendency to medicalise normal adolescent behaviour. His approach is built on this experience and allows for the teenage voice to be heard as a starting point of therapy. The proliferation of technology and ubiquitous Internet means that parents have never being more challenged when it comes to raising well-adjusted and mature young adults. At Therapy Institute we have a unique approach in dealing with the world of the teenager. Richard Hogan is one of the most published psychotherapist’s in Ireland in this area and he is invited onto programmes such as The Today Show and TV3 Sunday am to outline his unique approaches to adolescent mental health.

‘When we are punitive and authoritarian in our parenting strategy we are teaching our children never to do negative behaviour in front of us, but if we actually outline clear and concise boundaries early on in their life, we will teach them to make the right decisions when we are not there, which is far more desirable.’

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