Section 32 & 47


When a family undergoes the difficult and challenging experience of separation it can leave everyone in that system feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future. Richard Hogan has been carrying out both Section 32 and section 47 for the Court for some time now. Richard’s experience of working in the school system with families for over 20 years gives him a particular insight into the issues that can arise during separation. Richard believes very strongly in the role of both parents in the nurturing, maturation and development of the child. Where both parents are capable of promoting healthy and respectful relational dynamics Richard will always privilege the role of both parents in the raising of the child. Where Richard believe one parent is not within the normal range of healthy parenting and the children are at risk he will also offer his professional opinion on this so as to best equip the Court with all the information to make the most informed decision in relation to the family in front of it. His forthright approach allows for transparency so both parties are clear about his process in relation to the section he is performing for the Court.

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