Corporate Stress

There is no doubt about it, the corporate world can be a very difficult and challenging environment to navigate. There are unique stressors pressing down on us at any one time in our working life. The nature of the work we do and the beliefs we hold about that work can often have a negative impact on us and at times we can feel overwhelmed or demotivated to do the work we are paid to do. At Therapy Institute we understand that work related stress is a state and is not something that is permanent. With the right conversation that stress can be understood and alleviated. How we manage stress is influenced by many complicated factors, often clients talk about not understanding where their feelings of anxiety come from. At Therapy Institute we explore past and present experiences of stress and we analyse how you have come to think a certain way. Often our thought processes are rooted in our own personal formative experiences and a successful outcome can be as simple as exploring some of those conscious and unconscious entrenched idea’s we hold about work and how you deal with stress. 

Therapy Institute believes that finding meaning in the work you do is significant if you are going to view your working self in a positive light. We often take on too much and we spread ourselves too thin. Understanding why we do that and how we can become more productive while finding meaning is one of the central concepts at the heart of Therapy Institute’s therapeutic approach. We believe that with the right therapeutic conversation you will step back into your working life more focused, energetic and passionate because you will have tapped into the most important reserve you have; your inner strength. 

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